I have a targeting system and activity builder I’ve been working on to pick targets for actions. One target type that I’d been working on a lot over the last month was attack targeting. I’ve got it fairly well along, so I figured I’d go back and apply a similar design principle to awareness targeting.

Attack targeting requires making attack rolls and needs to know certain things about the type of attack such as whether the attack is with a hand held weapon in melee range versus a reach or ranged weapon, and the effective attack launch points. Awareness targeting requires a simple selection of creatures or objects of which one is aware. I already had a basic system that used all the things the actor is aware of in a drop-down list, but wanted it to work more like attack targeting in which if I pre-select items, they are the only things that show in the list.

Well I eventually got the two fairly similar, but hadn’t worked out all display characteristics for the selection list items. So I was testing and picked the first two items in the list for my two magic missile wand test. I hadn’t quite realized I had targeted myself until I didn’t see any missiles visibly flying to targets, but the tell-tale impact splash was centered on my camera.

Dutifully I rolled both missile damages, then watched as my display window went black…I had knocked myself unconscious and dying.


A Bone to Pick


Although I’ve been doing a lot besides making models over the past month, I just thought I’d share this bit of skeleton with a working rib-cage. I’ve actually been working a bit on the targeting process, and will post some images of that in a bit, just want to make sure the auto-aiming of pre-selected attack targets is where I want it to be.

Skeleton Model

OK, no rib-cage yet, so I threw some kind of leather armor over him…


better render and altered fragment parameters so I can swap roll and yaw axes (on the sword)

better render

He’s mostly the result of testing out parameterized fragments, with a little bit of the skeleton face and head I produced a month or so ago. Working with Skeley has helped me fine-tune some things in model construction and see where some impedance barriers to smooth asset creation are.

The second picture is direct from the model editor, where the field of view is apparently slightly better. I also made it possible to swap roll and yaw axes on fragment nodes, so I could more easily roll the sword (which is oriented so that it rolls around the z Axis instead of the Y axis)

Also, he keeps me from working more on the targeting system in the client…