Slots of Luck

No; not a random chance thing, nor a gambling thing, nor even a mush-mouth attempt to say a common phrase.

I’ve got it in my head to make sure Wizards and Clerics can have prepared spells when being edited in the workshop application. So I started (re)-looking at what I had done. Apparently I hadn’t done that much, and what I had done was a bit Byzantine (apologies to Constantinople, but your courtly operations became an adjective for a reason).

The whole set of Caster Classes have been back on the drawing board. But when I’m done with this little bit, I should be able to prepare standard spells, specialist spells, and cleric influence spells within the workshop so that I can run simulated tactical encounters with more than just weapons and magic items. Plus, I’ll be able to confirm spell targeting without the use of a wand.

As is per usual, my time is crunched by normal work, my sister’s baby-shower (the guys are going to get together also), the premier of Doctor Who Series 8, and a possible trip to Hershey Park to compensate for an abortive trip earlier this summer because my brother-in-law had to work on Saturday.


Alright, first a little explanation: the title refers to a method in the BaseMonsterClass that handles changing the creature’s size down one step, such as going from Medium to Small or Small to Tiny. Now for some background: I have been working on targeting and activity building for a few weeks now. I’m pretty comfortable with how it’s shaped up (more on that later), but while using it I discovered a little problem with the melee-strike range for the animated objects that fall into the “tiny” category.

An animated object with 1 power-die is small, an animated object with a partial power-die is tiny. The system and workshop handle this by allowing the creature to have an option when editing the 1st power-die to pick a partial power-die instead of a full one. The BaseMonsterClass has the capacity to use standard or custom size ranges to control and modify the body when the size should change due to power-dice change in the editor. StepUpSize worked just fine, it uses the size range information to add additional values to physical creature ability scores and natural armor. The natural reach is, however a fixed value (not a change value).

So…when I wrote StepDownSize, I copied StepUpSize and pasted, using the previous size range and subtracting them out (I just had to change the additions to subtractions). However, the natural ranges were not something that could be size reversed, so I ended up assigning the old larger size reach to the smaller body. Tiny animated objects could reach 1 cube away. Simple enough fix once I realized it…