More Weapons (and Accessories)

More Weapons (and Accessories)

Just another small handful while I continue to work on the Head Model builder…

Battery (of Ranged Weapons) Included

…and an assortment of ranged weapons

Ranged Weapons

2D Armory

Just a little of what I’ve been doing using Kaxaml, my Latitude 10 Essentials, and my “spare” time.


params go in, IEnumerable goes out…

Just a little piece of goodness when you need an IEnumerable, but don’t want to construct an array or list. Simply pass all the elements to this little function (which takes a params array), and it gives it all back to you as an IEnumerable. All genericized for your convenience.

private static IEnumerable<Any> GetEnumerable<Any>(params Any[] any)
    return any;

Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Great Sword Wielder #4, finally with horned helmet, and better hair (and braids!)

Great Sword Wielder

Great Sword Wielder

I made a new head model and brush type.

A River Runs Through It

River, Bridge and Ground
Since I wanted a river and bridge in the first map for Alpha Quest, I had to make it possible to make water. I needed to rewire the drawing routines to provide groups for both opaque and transparent surfaces, as well as provide a property on the BuildableMesh that lets me know the Material is transparent. In WPF, the transparent Materials need to be added to the scene graph later than opaque materials so that the opaque materials show up correctly.

This image also shows (in not too much detail) some use of the PanelSpace in the bridge and soil/grass cells on the far bank of the river. It also shows a little bit of very rough shadow in the river bed itself.