A few weeks go by…

…not documenting; I’ve been working on code (and being sick one day, and building a trebuchet on the weekends).  This weekend: martial arts tournament…spare time is rare time.

Anyway, rather than trying to create a demonstration video of some of the visible moving parts; I decided a playable demonstration of the technology in the Ikosa Framework would be a better use of time.  So, I dusted off the BattleScape ideas (player versus player); as it demonstrates some of the nitty-grittiness of the framework.  I had always wanted to avoid doing it, as I see BattleScape as a derivative game-product that doesn’t fully use the coolness of the complete automated RPG experience.

However, not fully using the framework has its benefits.  I can slough-off the actions for moving furniture around, searching, most skill actions, preparing spells, etc.

While I have biggish open-ended plans for BattleScape, all I really need to kick-off is show at least two game-mechanically modeled actors (controlled by two network connected players) battling each other (turn-based) in a tactically interesting environment.  I wanted to build two meaty teams (2 fighters, 2 warriors, 2 clerics and 2 sorcerers apiece), but scaled myself back for the time being to just getting 1 on 1.

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