Three’s Company

In order to really test delaying on one’s turn, I had to add another character to the setting. Red Dude, Blue Dude, and now Green (I forgot to include the last name of Dude). I need to run three clients to test them out. Eventually I’ll make a multi-character client for TB2.

Anyhow…I did find that although I had most of the code to manage the delay list and remove actors from it when they act, I hadn’t added anything to put them into the list when they delay for the first time.

So, I sorted that all out now; and exposed some client-state refresh issues.

Therefore: next up…better signalling from the host to the clients when the delay step is activated. When the DelayTickStep is the current step, the game clock doesn’t tick unless the delaying actor decides to act. Therefore, one of the normal update signals (time-tick) isn’t sent to the clients, like it is during a LocalTickStep or LocalTimeStep.

I also need some better visual cues in the client that they can or cannot act, based on who has the focused budget.

While I’m at it, I might as well get some character models with different colors. I have some…but they’re not dimensioned to work with the auto-scaling features of the creature sizer; yet I should be able to throw a Scale3DTransform around them in the XAML.

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