Semi-Automatic Attacks

Reworked some of the GetTargets() code in the host when unpacking attack aim targets from the client. Given that a melee attack provides a target cell, I was able to automatically select a target if no explicit target ID was given. (I still have to work the code to “randomly” pick a target if two targets are in the same cell, but that’s a minor detail). This makes automatic melee attacks much easier to perform, as the client no longer has to select the target in order to make a melee attack.

I also got automatic ranged attacks up and working (but the client must select a target, since ranged attacks are not typically into the adjacent cell). I had to fix some things with the critical damage multiplier for projectiles/ammunition, but all should be good now.

Even though opportunistic attacks have been on my “tactical radar” for awhile now. They are now the next thing to tackle directly.

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