View-Modelling Exceptions, Naked (TCP) Channels and Grasping at Air

Last time I mentioned I had to handle exceptions from the free-threaded ProxyModel. Now I do. All of the callback members (NewMessage, UserListChanged, MapChanged, Redraw, ExpectingPrerequisites, StepStatuses, TimeChanged and CurrentStep) now catch exceptions within the whatever Task they launch, and call an internal member called MarkException with whatever exception is caught.

MarkException updates an _Exceptions list (which only holds the DateTime.Now value and the exception.Message of all exceptions) for the ProxyModel, and also calls an ObserveException Action delegate (if assigned) to pass the full exception info.

I probably need to examine some of the exceptions and make decisions about tearing down the ProxyModel, or the actual communication proxies, but otherwise, I do not seem to get the same bad crashes on authentication failures.

I also cobbled together a WCF customBinding that uses tcpTransport without any channel privacy, but uses clear-text passwords. Not ideal, but suitable for LAN host testing without having to get testers mucking about with certificates.

I have also had some issues with the Grasp/Probe action when I aim the actor at another actor (I had previously tested on doors, walls and empty space without problems). I get some exceptions on the host, and eventually (if I keep trying) the client stops responding as well. I’ll try to isolate this before further cleaning up the host and client for ClickOnce packaging.

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