While attempting to sort out the Full Attack Budget issues (which I surfaced to priority while working on making UI for Choice Actions), I started refactoring IFullAttackBudget, which is implemented on action budget items that provide information during a full attack action. My refactoring led me to create IAttackPotential, and an emphasis on item slots (holding slots mostly, but also natural weapon slots) and weapon-heads rather than weapons as in the original implementation.

This seemed to work well for me through two-hand wielding, double-weapon wielding (with a few twists that I had to amend to my initial design), and natural weapon wielding (such as claws [potentially] in a holding slot).

Then I got to rapid shot. It is defined as providing an extra ranged attack, but for some reason I thought it only allowed an extra projectile weapon attack. The distinction is that a ranged attack can be a thrown weapon, and since I was focused on weapon-heads and item slots, holding a throwable dagger (or improvising a thrown anything else) would be blocked because the weapon head’s weapon wasn’t a projectile weapon.

And this will lead to a few further problems with my (new) current implementation…mainly I have to isolate any attack that uses rapid shot from sequence interference; that is, the extra attack should be at “full” attack bonus, not affected by iterative penalties, but affected by off-hand penalties. If the hand has run out of sequential attacks, the rapid-shot attack is still allowed.

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