Openly Licensed to Game

Finally decided that rather than skirting the issue, the final published Guildsmanship: Battle-Scapes will be under the OGL. What this means for me is to make sure all the Open Game Content (from the SRD) is visibly cited and identified. Putting such a framework inside an existing system is something I excel at (especially since the original system is one of my own design).

There will be (probably) two distinct ways to see the Open Game Content, one will be in context: in which information flowing through the workshop or to the client will be able have citations. The second will be to have an OGL explorer which will catalog list all the OGL information within the loaded assemblies.

The best part will be that I can finally mention the fidelity of the Ikosa Framework in implementing the OGL SRD, without having to cryptically mention “Classic Pen-and-Paper” mechanics.

To be fair, I have slightly tweaked (or enhanced) some terminology and mechanics, mostly for clarity and implementation consistency. I’ll probably describe (as Open Content), some of the specific implementation details for lighting, room topology, package serialization, and perhaps the WSDL (since it’s pretty much out there anyway).

I don’t have an OGL statement visible anywhere yet, but I am not actually “published” yet, either.

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