Cell Types

When last I posted, I assumed I was going to work on pillar-type cell spaces next, instead I went for the more ambitious “panel cell space”. In this, the 32-bits of state are used to indicate the presence of panels along each of the major faces, and also the type of face, and also whether there is any internal structure (such as a slope, diagonal or “bend”).

This took a considerable amount of time, since I was basically re-inventing stuff for several types of cell-spaces (corner and lframe), while also making a system that could handle all sorts of variations. I should be done with the server-side representation now, and hopefully will go into testing soon (and some workshop tooling). Finally I’ll need to be able to get the structures available in the service-code and over into the client proxy so client-side rendering can happen also.

Probably be a lot of bug fixes over the next few weeks 😦 But it’s progress.

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