Spirit of Atlanta

Last weekend I drove my daughter to Atlanta for a drum corps audition camp.  I spent Saturday recovering from the drive (which was repeated in the reverse direction Sunday), getting an oil change (the reminder went off somewhere in the Carolinas), and fixing up the client-side contract changes to match up with the server-side changes made previously.

I finally got to test and fix the code this weekend, and ended up finishing some resource transfer code I had been delaying, as well as removing some client-server transfer classes by marking the original classes with DataContract attributes.

I can now run a host and client, with the ability to render the terrain and presentable objects.  Before I move on to implementing icon visualization on the client-side, and building more animation support for actions, there is still some work to make sure the “Ikosa” services are working, since in my test, I couldn’t get my character to move…

I’ll be heading back to Atlanta this next weekend, so I want to avoid spending the time on Saturday fixing my refactoring.

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