The Skeleton Key

Finally got to test “skeletonizing” creatures.  First a human, then with a gargoyle (I use both).  For those of you that have been following me (ha ha, I jest!), you are well aware of how much I like the gargoyle as a test bed creature.  It has monster levels (and can increase in size by number of power dice), it can advance by character class, it has extra natural weapons slots, it can fly, has darkvision, magic damage reduction, etc.  So it also makes a good skeleton (and soon: zombie) test bed due to the the plethora of traits and things associated with replacing it.

Skeletons and zombies are handled by creating entirely new creatures whose skeleton/zombie species is based on the original creature, and the workshop command performs the tasks of removing the game token for the original creature and adding the one for the replacement creature (currently using the same model).  Skeletal gargoyles get more power dice than human skeletons, and they have bite and gore attacks.  They cannot fly and lose the DR/10 magic (though get DR/5 bludgeoning).

I had to fix some things (of course, that’s what debugging is all about) and have a few more tweaks to do: namely make an item slot trait to get around an ugly kludge for dealing with extra item slots (gore and bite, for instance) currently defined by the species body generator and not in the body constructor itself.