Since I spent so much time on skeletons and traits over the past few weeks, I had hoped to get some benefit out of all that work when applying it to zombies. Apparently I did: took me about 45 minutes to add basic zombie support. There are still some things missing (zombies get single actions only, but I believe I mostly implemented something for this already), I’m not entirely satisfied with my way of “cloning” the flight movement and making its maneuverability rating “clumsy”. Also, I need to put some constraints on applying replacement creature templates, and some standard processes for replacing the in-map locator token and the token model.

Right now, there’s nothing preventing an animated object from being made a zombie or skeleton, nor from a zombie or skeleton being made a zombie or skeleton! There’s also a little bit of fuzz to work out on zombies that are based on creatures with partial power dice; but all in all, a good start to my dabble in virtual necromancy.

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