Slots of Luck

No; not a random chance thing, nor a gambling thing, nor even a mush-mouth attempt to say a common phrase.

I’ve got it in my head to make sure Wizards and Clerics can have prepared spells when being edited in the workshop application. So I started (re)-looking at what I had done. Apparently I hadn’t done that much, and what I had done was a bit Byzantine (apologies to Constantinople, but your courtly operations became an adjective for a reason).

The whole set of Caster Classes have been back on the drawing board. But when I’m done with this little bit, I should be able to prepare standard spells, specialist spells, and cleric influence spells within the workshop so that I can run simulated tactical encounters with more than just weapons and magic items. Plus, I’ll be able to confirm spell targeting without the use of a wand.

As is per usual, my time is crunched by normal work, my sister’s baby-shower (the guys are going to get together also), the premier of Doctor Who Series 8, and a possible trip to Hershey Park to compensate for an abortive trip earlier this summer because my brother-in-law had to work on Saturday.

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