Climbing Mount Probable

So, I did manage to get climbing basically working a little while back.  Here’s a quick run-down:

1) walk the spider to a wall


Spidey rocks. He fills the same role in testing climbing that my pet gargoyle fills in flying.

2) switch from Overland to Climb then begin a movement straight up (Shift+S)

3) Immediately make a climb check


This pops on the client of the user controlling the creature.

4) even though I’ll only have to make that at least once every move action (or if the difficulty changes past my previous check’s value) I’ll get bored quickly rolling that quickly, so I change the Climb skill to a take 10 for 10 rounds


Turning on take 10 sort of throws off the UI at the moment.

I also switch accelerated movement on, with a climb of 11 and a difficulty of 15 for the surface I can afford it

Also, check out the information passed back to the client in the log on the change of status.


Finally when I get high enough I look down on the “wizard” and animated crate below.


The walls and floor extend outward to int32.maxValue units (only my viewport is clipped). The humanoid figure down there is fairly close to 0,0,0.

Pretty good, but I don’t have bonuses for being wedged in a corner or with opposing surface yet.  Not sure there’s going to be much call for climbing in the “Alpha Quest” maps, but there should be a spider or two.

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