Opportunity Knocks You Down

Finally got the basics of turn-tracking running much more smoothly (could still use some better visual cues in the client). After establishing initiative, I moved the creature with the highest initiative.

Immediately, a prerequisite dialog box pops on the client (the server wants me to provide some feedback). No useful data on the screen (a prerequisite for which I haven’t provided a DataTemplate), and no title (I hadn’t put a key or name on it either!).

The host tells the story…I am being asked if I want to make an opportunistic attack. I realize I have provoked an opportunity against myself!

Apparently I hadn’t excluded the actor from the weapon strike zones capturing the location I am moving from. I imagine attacking myself as I leave my own threatened cube.

OK. So I add a filtering expression to the “where” clause of the LINQ. Now I can walk (both actors in alternating turns) until they get to the middle room (within line of sight of each other). About 4 rounds of game-turn time. Then I get another opportunistic inquiry (even though they are a good 40+ feet from each other. I’ll check the LINQ tomorrow in debug mode to see what’s going on.

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