Since Last Summer

As usual, been busy, but I took some time earlier this month to summarize code changes since June:


  • support for Game Master client features
  • construct guard configurability
  • damage handling for objects/troves/ammo-bundles improved
  • targeting improvements for sets of things
  • diseases
  • wight (undead)
  • critical hit for powers and spells
  • handle destroyed objects: sub-parts
  • line capture: lightning bolt geometry


  • movement updates for furnishing
  • save without full reload: full rewrite with refresh
  • squeeze on fall: deflection
  • Hedral-Grip: 8*8 bitmask for face coverage


  • Hedral-Grip continues
  • elevation maintenance heuristic improved
  • IList->IDictionary (interaction exclusions)
  • improving hinder/squeeze near furnishings
  • cache furnishing planar points for sides
  • shuriken
  • shield swap phantom limbs removed
  • buckler rules conformed
  • shield bash
  • object binding connected sides
  • throwing rule net progress


  • more net stuff: entanglement
  • Covering group adjunct: creates a “covering” slot
  • Freeze trait (for gargoyle)
  • character model base pogs
  • actor list in service ordered by name…
  • some errant “waiting” blocks removed
  • Turn tracker service to client improved
  • portal editor improvements
  • start of Secret Corner Pivot Portal


  • RoomAwareness updates for secret doors
  • CoreIndex (object/token by Guids)
  • IPanelShading and PanelShadingInfo: panel overrides cell drawing
  • Secret doors
  • Search actions
  • auto-Search: elves and dwarves


  • more auto-search
  • trapfinding class feature
  • spider throwing net
  • Activation mechanisms
  • LocatorMove interaction (lightweight overlapped capture zone)
  • Surface trigger
  • Open-close triggerable
  • force open actions
  • Secret Sliding Portal
  • editor cleanups in workshop
  • mechanism mount object: binding triggers and responses


  • trigger editors
  • triggerable editors
  • merge locator editing into object editors as other tab
  • attack triggerables
  • Health bar in client
  • proximity trigger

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