Model View View-Model

Finally got (most) of the client-side features back together under a more MVVM-like pattern (still haven’t adopted the RelayCommand style yet…). Now, I can more easily get additional data into the Opportunistic Inquiry Prerequisite dialog, since I won’t have to climb through data contexts and control-bound properties to find the data from the framework. I can just bind it in…

I also inched the “bio” part of my Kickstarter project a little bit farther. Every day I see more and more games on Kickstarter, quite a few of which are sandbox and adventure games. There’s an upside and a downside to that, the downside is in launching my project too late (which is comical to me as I “launched” about 7 years ago with the code, or 30+ years ago with the concept), and getting lost in the sea of games. The upside is that the project funds sought looks like they are realistic to keep the developers eating (which is a requirement of mine as well), without having to work in a factory.

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