The Past Week

Opportunistic attacks are now working fairly well. I’ve managed to trigger them off on movement from a threatened cube and by trying to use a ranged weapon in a threatened cube. Also tested: not being able to make an opportunistic attack if the target has cover, and only being able to attack when wielding a weapon that can make such an attack. Haven’t played with reach weapons yet.

I also discovered (and fixed) a problem with some of the attack handlers, in that I had a handler chain defined for a base class (AttackData) that prevented the chains for more specific attack types (MeleeAttackData, ReachAttackData and RangedAttackData) from activating. I ended up changing the interaction handler chain matching algorithm to work with exact type matches, rather than IsAssignableFrom(). Had to also make sure I wasn’t orphaning any use cases.

Lastly (and I still have to fix this), I discovered that a target standing on a low step could trigger a Cover alteration, resulting in a +4 to Armor Rating for the target. This is because the cubic region’s lower corners are blocked by the solid material of the cell. I’m going to look into using adjusted coordinates for determining extents for a target (rather than blindly using the cube corners) based on the IPhysical properties and intra-locator positioning (including Offsets)…and I’m going to put some stuff in to account for low barriers (2′ high or less) by trying some alternate point testing under “certain” conditions.

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