Big Movement

First, my need to code led me to initial implementations of large creature (2x2x2 cell) movement for LandMovement, FlightMovement and FallingMovement. There is still plenty to refine and fix there, especially on LandMovement with rising and descending on variable elevation terrain, and squeezing into narrow spaces; but overall I am quite pleased most work I did on medium/small creature movement has proved useful. Creatures that are huge and beyond will definitely need some additional work to "get it right".

Secondly: I moved to a set of pages that hopefully look a little smoother (and less scrappy) than the Ikosa Framework web-pages I was using before. I still have to repackage the Ikosa test client and test host for the new site, because apparently trying to simply move the junk in Visual Studio isn’t getting me anywhere (which is probably OK, since the deployment URLs are embedded in the packages anyway and need to change). Also the whole thing is lacking in images, and either my pixel guy (my Minecraft addicted teenage son) will get me some soon, or I’ll have to throw some XAML line-work together and rasterize it through KAXAML.

Thirdly: In order to get Amazon Payments setup on a business account, I need to provide a fax of a bank statement. Since I had just opened the account in the past month, I had none. My online access only provided me on the bank’s schedule, so I had to wait. I had no indication on when the bank’s schedule was going to hit, but I guessed at the end of the month…and I was right! So now I need to print and fax (what? is this the 1990s?!?) a copy of my statement to Amazon, in order to keep the Kickstarter thing moving…

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