Direct Line

I forget to bring my cell-phone with me today (so my wife would have to call on my direct desk-phone line), but that’s not the basis of the title. Instead, after tweaking and prodding the spell target delivery mechanism so that Magic Missile would yield its animations to the local map context, I got a (semi-)successful test working. Unfortunately, since Magic Missile doesn’t use an attack aim, but instead an awareness aim, I only had immediate access to what is called the “PlanLine” when deciding on animation end-points.

The PlanLine is the first line-of-effect between the source and target that is not blocked, which goes from corners to corners (at the moment) and starts testing for lines-of-effect at the “bottom”. So, the “bolt” currently travels right along floor level such that I pretty much missed it the first couple of times I fired a magic missile from a wand. I did, however, see the “splash” of the missile making contact (also at floor level) so I knew animations were being added, transmitted to clients, and rendered. I’ll have to alter the awareness aim animation start and end points to be the centroid of the map-locators holding objects causing the action, and being targeted.

There are some other things to work out on when the animations should be rendered and re-rendered, as the damage roll side-panel (for the spell caster) pops up while the Magic Missile is still visibly flying in the post-action redraw sweep, and if you change target selections the animations are re-run as time hasn’t changed. I’ll probably have to separate “re-run animations” from “scene redraw”.

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