Visual Studio 2013 Express Desktop

I had been toying with upgrading to a newer Visual Studio (was on 2010 for 4 years), but couldn’t feel compelled to fork over more money than I had for upgrading from Visual Studio 2008 to 2010 to get to the next level.  If I was making money on Ikosa, it would be a different story.  Anyway, I had rejected the express editions due to Source Control integration issues (or lack of support).  The 2013 editions support Visual Studio online source control integration, so I made the plunge and shifted my development to VS 2013 and TFS. The only thing I really miss is class diagramming 😐, and I can’t work with WCF projects (directly as VS project types, though I can edit their project files to be libraries, and I can still host services) since Express for desktop lacks designer and host launch support for WCF debugging.

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