February-May Roundup


  • client UI ease-of-use
  • action menus along top of actor view UI
  • gem name fixes (true versus observable were reversed)
  • targeting improvements/fixes
  • fix for “Munchausen” bootstrapping problem (picking oneself up)


  • ammo recovery
  • throwable weapon relocation
  • ammunition bundle refactoring (new model for handling groups of ammo)


  • finishing ammo
  • identity improvements
  • CoreListAim and CoreListTargeting
  • AmmoDropHandler: merge ammo and bundles by known identity
  • use of ammo bundles and new containers with weapon strikes
  • QuantitySelectAim: extract ammo support


  • ghoul fever
  • ghoul as replacement template
  • zombie/skeleton template improvements as well
  • ghoulify functionality (UI and ghoul fever result)
  • ghoulish/ghastly paralysis
  • sickened as poison damage
  • ghastly stench
  • temporary poison immunities on saves (if allowed by poison)
  • Cleave Feat (and support classes)
  • fixed coreStep problem with multiple serial steps
  • proneEffect use improved
  • drop handlers use falling movment
  • falling-stop trove merge
  • item/object damage handlers (finally)
  • item/object save handlers (finally)


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